Sunday, September 26, 2010


Rewild, v; to return to a more natural or wild state; the process of undoing domestication. Synonyms: undomesticate, uncivilize.
Rewilding is a process that seeks to foster and maintain a hunter-gatherer-gardener culture, facilitated by (but to exclusively so) ecological awareness,  sharing of primitive skills, storytelling, and discussion groups covering subjects including the planetary impacts of man,  the nature of industrial civilization, indigenous cultures,  and sustainability.
Rewilding groups already exist in many parts of the United States, engaging in projects ranging from week-long camps to meet-ups in coffee houses. As an organization in its infancy, Rewild Hudson Valley plans to start small, with discussion groups and movie screenings pertaining to the subjects surrounding domestication and civilization.
All events will be free of charge, as we wish to be inclusive to all, including the financially deficient, the homeless, college students, and people who would otherwise not be able to attend. Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible; hence a fee to attend would inhibit this end.  Membership is also open to all free of charge; however donations will be greatly appreciated.